Real Estate Law

Legal adviser

Our firm regularly advises owners and co-owners who are confronted with difficulties arising from their capacity as owners of a property, whether it is an individual building or a co-ownership lot.


Construction dispute


Guarantee against damage to property

We assist owners in disputes with contractors and builders, by assisting them in the implementation of their possible damage-work guarantee or in order to activate the ten-year guarantee of their co-contractors (articles 1792 and following of the civil code). The liability of builders is based on several distinct legal grounds and several types of action which are subject to strict time limits and rules of form and substance which determine the admissibility and validity of their claims.


Condominium dispute

Nous accompagnons également les copropriétaires de locaux soumis au statut de la copropriété des immeubles bâtis (loi n°65-557 du 10 juillet 1965) dans le cadre des litiges pouvant les opposer au syndicat des copropriétaires, au syndic ainsi qu’aux tiers, notamment en matière de troubles anormaux du voisinage.


Drafting of leases and contracts

Our firm also offers the drafting of rental contracts for residential, professional or commercial use, in order to guarantee the contractual balance, the respective interests of the parties and to avoid any future difficulties in the contractual relationship. Here again, the law on leases, whether for residential, professional or commercial use, is regularly subject to reforms which make sound advice necessary and indispensable. For example, the PINEL law of 18 June 2014 has changed the scope of contractual obligations that can be imposed on the commercial tenant, by prohibiting the imposition of major works defined in Article 606 of the Civil Code.


Real estate transactions

GIORGIO – VARAPODIO is also authorised to receive, on an ancillary basis, a mandate to “negotiate, act and sign in the name and on behalf of its client” in real estate matters, in accordance with the provisions of articles 6.3 of the National Rules of Procedure and 111 of the Decree of 27 November 1991.

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