Maritime Law

Risk management

The geographical position of the firm leads it to regularly deal with cases relating to maritime law. Owners, shipowners, charterers or suppliers of pleasure or commercial vessels are exposed to a multitude of risks and situations which are not covered by ordinary law and for which specific knowledge is required.


Contracts for the purchase of ships


Relations with administrative and port authorities

We are developing a growing experience in this field and our firm, mainly in the field of maritime yachting but not exclusively, is able to advise and assist its clients in all issues related to navigation: contracts for the acquisition of vessels, liability of seagoing personnel, bunkering of vessels or in the context of relations with the administrative and port authorities


International debt collection

Moreover, private maritime relations almost systematically have a commercial and international dimension, mainly due to the proximity of the Principality of Monaco and Italy, but also due to the fact that ships tend to fly foreign flags. The implementation of procedures, liability, debt recovery or ship seizures are governed, in terms of jurisdiction and substance, by international conventions which sometimes disregard the application of the Transport Code.


Civil and commercial activities

Maritime law brings together civil and commercial activities developed by man at sea or in connection with a maritime event. It therefore requires a transversal knowledge of all areas of law: international public law, private business law, securities, labour and corporate law. This is why the diversity of the training of the various members of our firm is pooled and put at the service of this particular field of activity which is maritime law.

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